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Migration Jam

An informative website for an NGO based in Turkey with focus helping migration causes around the world.

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Migration Jam is a social enterprise that empowers mindsets to change internal and external adopted stories. Our vision is for a world in which refugees are empowered from within. The purpose of our social enterprise is to build the agency of refugees through a series of global events and social media campaigns.


October, 2019


Migration Jam


Digital Design

The Challenge

The challenge was coming up with a simple website for a fresh client. The client had just launched and there was not enough content to go by in the website.

The Approach

Our approach was to focus on the functionality of the website (event website, and make everything go back to the agenda), While giving alot of attention to the speakers. the two main points of the project.

A custom event planning with focus on event itinerary was implemented for this client


Deploying on a custom made server, the client is enjoying top security and website loading speed of 7 seconds

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